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Honson Pharmatech Group is a Canadian company of 15 year experience offering integrated solution and service for nutraceutical, herbal, vitamin and dietary supplement industries. For years, Honson Pharmatech Group has equipped with its unique advanced facility, focused on customer demand and success in the rapid growing marketplace of natural health products.
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What Honson Pharmatech Group Can Do For...

Building a Smart integrated solution for your business today and tomorrow. This video helps explain how it can be done.
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News and Events Highlight

[04/19/2010] Nutralab is invited to speak on GMP update: Dietary Supplements & Natural Products

[02/24/2010] cGMP’s ERP program in place with Nutralab /Honson group

[02/24/2010] Enteric coating facilities in place with NutraLab Canada

[12/21/2009] Nutralab Canada is awarded for fish oil 5 Star / IFOS rating material supplier for Fish Oil Omega 3 EDA/DHA products

[12/03/2009] Natural Health Products & Dietary Supplements Conference


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