Dr. Peter Ou, M.Phi,(Tox), Ph.D.(Pharm.) – (Formulation and Quality Assurance)

Dr. Peter Ou obtained a M.Phil. (Tox) and Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology from University of London (UCL), England, after he completed his M.D. and MSc (Tox) from China. Dr. Ou has over 20 years of research experience in toxicology, pharmaceutical manufacturing and product development from various pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries in U.K, Germany, China and Canada32 His passion and knowledge of natural health products for human health and well-being give him a unique perspective for today’s health care system. As a health care innovative leader Dr. Ou took it upon himself to make NutraLab GMP compliant in 2002. Later in 2004 Health Canada made GMP compliance mandatory for the industry.

Dr. Robert Cumming, Ph.D. – (Nutrition and food Chemistry Advisor)

Dr. Cumming attained over 30 years of experience at Ryerson University, Toronto as a Professor of Food Chemistry and Nutrition. Today he acts as a consultant for new product development, laboratory research and training for NutraLab staff.

Bernadetti M. Lopez. BSc, MSc.(Chemistry)- Quality Control

Bernadetti has over 12 years of experience in pharmaceutical analysis and product development. Her background makes her an expert in GMP, SOP, QC and product formulation in various forms such as liquids, solids and semi-solids.

Dr. Cecilia Ho, B.Sc. N.D. Product and Regulatory Compliance

Cecilia obtained her BSC in biological science and a Naturopathic doctorate in Toronto. Her combined natural health knowledge and modern scientific training help her ensure that all our products meet current requirements of NPN application.